6 Ways to Combat Teeth Grinding

May 17, 2021

Teeth grindingBruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, is when clenching and grinding of the teeth happen involuntarily. This grinding usually happens when asleep, and since the person is not aware, the forceful pressure can be up to 250 pounds of force! Sleep bruxism is most common in children, adolescents, and young adults, but it does affect people at any age.

Side effects of bruxism commonly are a strain on the mouth and jaw and aggravated muscles within the neck. An important part of treatment for sleep bruxism is decreasing the pain one is feeling. There is technically no cure to completely stop teeth grinding, although treatment can reduce its frequency and impact, as well as help to relieve symptoms.

How To Combat Teeth Grinding

  1. Using a mouthguard is a great and popular option. They work by cushioning your teeth and stopping them from grinding against each other while you sleep. Mouthguards can be custom-made at your dentist or brought over the counter. But it’s important to keep in mind that over-the-counter options may not be as effective or severe cases.
  2. Try avoiding foods that require a lot of chewing. Examples include nuts, popcorn, hard candies, and sticky foods, like caramel, and peanut butter.
  3. Try adjusting your sleeping position or pillow for additional head and neck support.
  4. To help with bruxism, you can undergo a reductive coronoplasty dental procedure. This is used to reshape or level the biting surface of your teeth. It might be effective if your teeth grinding is a result of crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth.
  5. Try practicing stress reduction techniques. A large reason some experience teeth grinding is a result of stress. Attempt relaxation techniques for a natural approach. Try exercise, yoga, mediation, or talk therapy. Incorporating relaxation methods can be a big part of your sleep routine, and getting better sleep can help you respond to stress in a healthier way.
  6. There are a few mouth exercises you can try to help with teeth grinding. Follow these steps:
    – Close your lips gently while preventing your top and bottom teeth from touching.
    – Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth without touching your teeth.
    – Continue holding this position for as long as your can.

Talk With Your Dentist

If you are experiencing bruxism and think you could benefit from talking to a professional, Highlands Ranch Dental Group is currently accepting new patients and is happy to help. It can be hard finding the right ‘treatment’ that works for you, and we understand how exhausting the side effects can be. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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