How Long Does a Dental Filling Last?

October 15, 2018

dentist checking patients teethWe tell our patients that dental fillings can last up to twenty years with proper care, however, eventually, your filling will need to be replaced. Follow along as we answer some frequently asked questions about dental fillings!

What are Fillings For?

Fillings are used to combat tooth decay. When your teeth begin to decay, a filling procedure is performed. The dentist will drill away decaying areas of your tooth and fill it with a stand-in substance. Filling materials may consist of:

• Porcelain
• Gold
• Amalgam (an alloy of mercury, copper, silver, tin, and sometimes zinc)
• Composite resin (tooth-colored fillings)

Composite resin is commonly used due to its tooth-colored appearance; this allows your filling to blend in nicely with the rest of your smile.

When Will I Have to Replace my Filling?

Usually your filling will last about 7-20 years. The length of time your filling lasts depends on the size of the filling, location, and how well you take care of your smile.

Every time you put pressure on your teeth, you create stress for your filling. It is not uncommon for your filling to loosen! Normally, we see fillings that loosen and create pockets where food collects. This eventually leads to decay once again.

If you do have fillings, it is especially important to visit the dentist twice a year! We can quickly access your filling and catch any issues before a serious problem occurs. Individuals that go too long can require an extraction or root canal procedure.

Is There a Warranty on Fillings?

At Highlands Ranch Dental Group, we guarantee dental fillings for 5 years as long as you visit us for a dental cleaning every 6 months. If your filling fails due to decay, ill-fitting, or breakage, we will be happy to refund you the cost of the procedure!

For Best Results, Avoid Decay

The optimal way to ensure your filling lasts is to care for your teeth! In order to prevent decay, we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting us twice a year!

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