Scholarship Essay by Audrey From Rock Canyon High School

April 16, 2018

This essay, by Audrey from Rock Canyon High School, is one of the top five finalists for our scholarship. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below this post!

Scholarship Drawing by Audrey

There is a town on the outskirts of a large city. Populated by its citizens, their pets, their lives, and the occasional deer. It is a town of little perfections. The town is not too small or large; it’s part of a community, but allows for privacy and freedom. This town provides safety and security for all its people. This is a town where once you arrive, you seem to never want to leave. Endless opportunities await here, and the chance to succeed is provided to everyone. This town, Highlands Ranch, is a great place to live and is ever-growing and changing with the people that live here and the world surrounding it.

When thinking about Highlands Ranch, I am reminded of a story I heard many times growing up in my predominantly Polish family. It tells of a little girl that lived with her grandmother in a small town surrounded by meadows and gardens alike. One day, this little girl was running away from an oncoming storm, when she happened upon a garden. Stopping to admire the flowers, and pick some for her grandmother, she saw a small rose. It looked weak and sickly, and the little girl knew the rose would not survive the storm. So, gently, she dug around the roots of the rose and carried it home. Once she was home, she found a pale, dull pot, and planted the flower. She took care of the rose, making sure it got enough sunlight and water. For months, the little girl slaved away making sure the rose would be healthy enough to go back into the garden. When, one day, the little girl came down to water the plant, the plant had grown three times over night, and was the color of the deepest, most brilliant red the little girl had ever seen. Ecstatic, the little girl ran to the garden outside and planted the flower, hoping it would survive. The little girl checked on the flower everyday, and found that the flower would not stop thriving and growing. It soon made the little girl famous for finding what would be named the everlasting flower.

This story taught me that you get back what you give. The little girl gave all she had to the flower, and the flower gave back to her. I believe that Highlands Ranch is much like the flower. Only twenty or so years ago, Highlands Ranch was more of an area of land than a community. However, as more people came and provided more to Highlands Ranch, it began to flourish. Highlands Ranch has built a strong community, that portrays trust and sympathy to everyone. Highlands Ranch is a good place to live not only because of everything that it provides and the community, but also because of its history and how it is ever-growing like the rose.

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95 thoughts on “Scholarship Essay by Audrey From Rock Canyon High School

  1. Ryan Bailey

    This essay is beautifully written with a thoughtful metaphor of the flower to the city of Highlands Ranch. Very well done!

  2. Leah Doogan

    What a creative, emotional, honest essay. The anecdote was not only a perfect way to describe Highlands Ranch, but also found a way to incorporate familial values that are shown to be extremely important to the applicant. Very very well done

  3. Becky Mudd

    “you get back what you give”– Thanks Audrey for reminding us that it takes US to be the community we want to live in!

  4. Rhonda Duren

    Beautiful description of a lovely town indeed!! I didn’t have my residence there, but enjoyed the various opportunities the other Rancher’s enjoyed! The dining, the Live Theater, churches and recreation centers! I always felt “almost home” when returning from the mountains or Denver (city, to see the interstate loop that led me to my destination. On the freeway, the schools and soccer fields beckon one to stop a while and take time to play!
    Thank you Ashley! Beautifully written story bringing HOPE to a future! Best to your future!!

  5. Vera Shevchenko

    You have a lovely way of talking about community and what it takes to make it thrive. Well done Audrey!

  6. Lisa Wiencek

    What a beautifully written piece. I love the connection of getting back what you put in. What a wonderful lesson to learn and share with your community.

  7. Shelly Russell

    You do truly get back what you give. Your piece reminds me of The Little Prince–when a fox tells him that the eyes are blind and we are responsible forever for what you tame, the Little Prince go back home to meet again with his Rose to get what he gives.

  8. Kim Musselman

    I love this story and the message! What a beautiful “ short and sweet” essay that appears to have truth-love-and trust for her community!



  10. Nina O'Connell

    This is such a beautiful observation how it up to us to make whats around us thrive with constant care and love.

  11. Halina Siwolop

    Lovely essay, Audrey! It makes me want to experience your every-growing community!

  12. Shawndra Fordham


    What a fabulous essay! It is so descriptive. I feel like I am right there. It has a great moral lesson as well.

    Way to go,

  13. Juan

    What a great story!
    Comparing a town to a flower is a great idea to show how to make it grow beautifully.
    And I love all the descriptors, they helped paint a very colorful picture of what was happening.

  14. Nancy Edwards

    Than you so much for letting me read Audrey’s beautiful essay. What an inspiration she is. Loved reading her story. I know she will go far.

  15. kelsey

    A love letter to her hometown- a town that cares deeply about giving back to one another and making the community better. Very sweet!

  16. Rose and Dan McKee

    Excellent essay, Audrey! All of the attributes that you have beautifully used to describe how enriched our lives have been in our community of Highlands Ranch, also describe what you have given and will continue to give in ever endeavor of your life! Congratulations on your essay Audrey!

  17. Vicki Gale

    Audrey, the story you used in your essay is a beautiful way of expressing the importance of community service and an understanding of how a simple act of nurturing something or someone can enhance that community, It was quite inspiring.

  18. Bobbi

    What a great correlation.. you get back the effort of what you put into it. The same as your home and community in Highlands Ranch. Nice essay, easy to read and understand and it is meaningful.

  19. Bill

    Great essay! Had me hooked….wanted to keep reading to see what would happen to that small, sickly, rose. Good job! Love that Highlands Ranch.

  20. Troy Gruszczynski

    What a great analogy and life lesson rolled into one. Very proud of this young lady! Well written and communicated.

  21. Dave & Jean Gruszczynski



  22. Maryam Klock

    What an insightful young woman! I am sure you will bring great things to your community as well!

  23. Michael Beermann

    What an excellent message Audrey. Community is so important, today more than ever. Great job!

  24. Carrie

    Well done, Audrey! I like the illustration with the story, and the way it fit with the overall message.

  25. Linda Weinstein

    Audrey, I love the feeling of nature when I walk the neighborhoods and open space in Highlands Ranch. Trees blooming, flowers and animals and people all coming together as a community. Great essay!

  26. Meg Johnson

    Your story is sweet, innocent, full of goodness and hope. I love it. May you never lose these lovely heart eyes through which you see the world around you.

  27. Gary Van Doorn


    I loved your essay but also your illustration of the rose. You, your family and our Highlands Ranch community all possess these wonderful attributes!

    Gary V.

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