Root Canals

Alleviate Your Tooth Pain with a Root Canal

Root Canal ProcedureWhen patients hear the term “root canal,” they often cringe. The reality is that a root canal is a routine endodontic procedure that helps to rid you of any persistent tooth pain.

When is a Root Canal Recommended?

Your dentist will let you know when you may need a root canal, but the following list includes some common indicators that you might be a good candidate for the procedure.

  • You are experiencing persistent, intense tooth pain, especially when putting pressure on the area.
  • Your teeth are extra sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
  • You are noticing swelling or tenderness near a tooth that is bothering you.
  • You are noticing a darkening of a tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

Because of the routine natures of root canals, many dentists handle the procedure in a regular office. In some more serious cases, an endodontist may handle the procedure.

The root canal process generally follows these steps:

  1. X-rays are taken to assess the problematic tooth or teeth.
  2. The dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic to make the patient more comfortable.
  3. The dentist makes an opening in the tooth or crown and cleans out any decayed pulp.
  4. The dentist will fill or seal the hole. In some cases, the tooth is left open to drain before it is filled.

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